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Check out our News page for wrap up stories and updates.  Still want to buy a commemorative T-Shirt?  Check the Swag store!  Take a moment to view our Sponsor page, and all the great people who made our celebration possible!

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel, where you can watch wrap up videos, or watch the entire Parade all over again, or listen to “Swing On By” just one more time. 😎

Thank You for coming!

The Wolseley 125 Committee:  Left to right – Back row – Natasha Perras, Gerry Hill, Jim Bonnor, Otis Ayre, Stephen Scriver, Norman MacDonald, Rod Chatterson.  Middle row – Marianne Greening, Susan Campbell, Kim Webber, Rich Brooks, Tilli Malo.  Front row: Eleanor Dahlman, Krista Johnson, Laurie Langlois, Susan Brooks.  Missing from photo: Christine Clark, Wayne Schick, Christine Bieber, Kim Baran, Jenna Cieckeiwicz, Karen Souchotte, Wayne Schick, Madelaine Dunn, Reegan Williamson, Jim Wolff, Shaelynn Langlois, Gisele Dureau.

Thank you to our Volunteers and Sponsors!

Come Visit Us!

Our anniversary celebrations have concluded, but the welcome mat is still out!  You’re invited to Swing On By Wolseley this weekend, enjoy the fall weather and our great local restaurants!  

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Fireworks image by

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design by Rich Brooks

select photos by Helen Gwilliam

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