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125 Thank Yous!

We just wanted to thank so many that made the Wolseley 125 such a great event.   Thanks to Norman for running the show, keeping everyone involved and on track. Getting insurance, garnering support, taking holiday time off work – Thanks!   Appreciation to Otis for doing the thankless job of keeping the…

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That’s A Wrap!

The Wolseley 125 concluded Sunday, Aug 13. Turnout was record-setting. Events from Friday though Sunday were a smashing success! We'll add video interviews to this page of some 125 attendees who shared their feelings, observations and comments with us. Click on any of the links below, or click here to view…

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Get Wolseley 125 Swag!

Wolseley 125 Swag Still Available! Wolseley 125 themed Swag including:  T-Shirts Bunnyhugs (aka "Hoodies") Tank Tops and others are now available for purchase online at  The following designs are available online until December.  Designs by Mitchell Dureault.

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